Our organization has taken up and executed various activities under the State and Central Government schemes. CMA's has been accredited by the Government of India and Government of Karnataka.

If you loose money nothing is lost
If you loose time something is lost
If you lost character everything is lost
But at last if you loose time everything is lost forever....

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Khalil M
Rahisa D Choudhari
Padmashree Chougale
Adinath Halingali

Khalil M

Success of a student in any competitive examination is dependent on right guidance and
perseverance. Both are equally important. Of course the perseverance is dependent on the
student but the right guidance can only given by someone who has understood the pulse of this
examination.CMA Academy with less cost it is trying to help poor and needy students. I wish this
institution will bring in future more and more students from all parts of Karnataka.

Rahisa D Choudhari

The Competitive examination, being one of the toughest examinations in India, mostly because
of the huge syllabus and very low selection ratio, coaching gives an edge to an aspirant. CMA
Academy has a thorough understanding of the demand of the examination and has guided
students in test phase a lot. Not only CMA Academy will make the coaching affordable, but also
effective and efficient, by providing the right strategy from the experienced staff.

Padmashree Chougale

CMA Academy is the best coaching institute for all competitive exams. Institute provides good
study material, it has very experience faculty members. This is one of the Institutes which is
conducting many programes relating to competitive exams. Mock interviews are held on
continues basis which help students like me to clear the mains and gain good knowledge.
Faculty clears all our doubts and have a very friendly nature with students.

Adinath Halingali

I joined and completed my course in CMA Academy I really liked the faculties with experts and
classes was excellent. I was provided with handouts by the institution which helped me lot.
Weekend tests were conducted regularly which helped me for my preparation.

List of Faculty for IAS/KAS/Banking/SSC/RRB/PSI/ Group "C" Coaching

Sri. M.B. Badabade

Sri. M.B. Badabade

KAS Rtd. Special Deputy Commissioner & Director

Exp: 30 Years

Subject: Public Administration / Current Affairs

Mr. Rahul Raichur

Mr. Rahul Raichur

2012 Selected as IRPS 2014 Selected as IRS

Exp: 7 Years

Subject: Indian Economic

Mr. Prasad Inchangimath

Mr. Prasad Inchangimath

2012 Selected as IRPS

Exp: 7 Years

Subject: Opt. Geography

Mr. Venkatesh Dhotre

Mr. Venkatesh Dhotre

2013 /2014 Selected as IPS 2016 Selected as IAS

Exp: 6 Years

Subject: Polity/Ethics Integrity & Aptitude

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